Pen Mould and Capacitor
Button Mould Sugar Seam

Shriji Chemicals Nickel Sulphamate
solution has passed international
quality standards

Industry Application:
Industries: Aerospace, Automotive, Textile Printing, Copying Machine, Batteries etc.

Tools: Moulds, Dies, Press Tools, Foundry Patterns, Diamond Cutting
Bands, Abrasive Wheels. Moulds for Auto Arm Rests, Taillight Reflectors,
Dashboard. Also they have been used to make Ball Pen cavities, Plastic
Caps, Switch Plates, Plastic Dolls, Ice Pops, Polycarbonate Discs, etc.

Mess Products: Sugar Screens, Juicer Sieve, Textile Rotary Screen,
Cigarette Machine are some of the examples where Nickel Electroformed
Products have found it's use.

Other products: Mirrors, Nickel Foil, Hologram, Space Mirrors, Optical
Parts, Radar Wave Guides, Components of Rocket Thrust Chambers,
Nozzles, Motor Cases etc have been successfully electroformed.